School Administration and Management

We are a proven specialist in school administration and management; we adopt different strategies in bringing desire result within project framework.

Our Proven Strategies


- To set up each departmental head with the responsibility of achieving the dept's target.
- Monthly Performance Review Session with departmental heads to determine progress or otherwise of the department and the school at large

- To ensure strict compliance with the school’s performance standard with a view to motivating staff to deliver according to specification.

- Regular knowledge improvement program to bring all members of staff to speed on the issues pertaining to the school and her brand.

- To motivate staff through productivity bonus - this will ensure that staffs that are working are rewarded while those that are lazy are promptly sanctioned.

- Regular event alerts. This will sensitize the parents and guidance on the benefits of bringing their children only to our school.

- We will set up a vibrant customer service department to work tirelessly in ensuring that parents experience with the school is a pleasant one.

- To take the school online with a view to appealing to international and social media savvy share of the market.
- This will turn happy parents into loyal brand ambassadors.


We train the teachers at the beginning of each trimester/term to improve performance and for better productivities.

• Personal Branding

•Performance improvement techniques

• Marketing

• Interpersonal relation

• Self-esteem management

• Temperament control and identification etc.


We will introduce Performance Management Systems that will serve as the link between the school’s corporate strategy and the execution ability of the workforce in that it defines and clarifies the knowledge, skills and attitudes that lead to sustainable success.

The best performing organizations have the following in common:

strong leadership and compliance team

motivated and competent workforce

ability to attract and retain best hands

A disciplined and ownership approach to work

ability to effectively use technology

We will devise a strategic measure by introducing an independent and effective compliance officer to police the policy. .



We set questions for our school partners to enhance quality performance and productivity of teachers in class. The performance of the student will reflect the productivity of the staff, thereby allowing us to evaluate the performance of staff for appraisal and promotion


Production of Banners • Production of Exercise Books • Production of Year Book • Production of branded Carriage Bags • Production of branded Envelopes etc To increase the mileage of the schools advertisement efforts.

School Administration and Management : "School Consultancy service” is such an overused term these days that it is hard to know exactly what it means. And everyone is either an expert or a neophyte. But School consultancy is not scary, and it’s actually not all that difficult if you work with the right person. And by right people, we mean those who can find, connect and retain meaningful relationships that equate to brand and revenue growth. Global Heirs Corporate Services is a result driven Educational Development Specialist with proven track record in Strategic Planning, Relationship Management, Digital Marketing, Training and Brand Building.


A website where all our school partners profile and events will be showcased for easy access on the internet.


We ensure instant alert on some special days of our esteemed parents so as to gain their trust and loyalty.

We send lovely greeting messages to our parents during wedding anniversaries, birthdays, special occasions etc

Inter School Quiz Competition

We introduce Inter School Quiz Competition to bring over 100 prospective students (and/or their parents) to the school.

To identify and attract exceptionally brilliant students who could be the face of the school in future competitions.

Digital Marketing

We create a branded online presence through the use of social media that will allow client schools to connect to a wider audience spread its message and agenda monitor online reputation and trends Increase the availability and usage of online research materials.

These are some of the ways we market and promote our client Schools;


The School will have a functional account that will connect with all the professional parents on LinkedIn and bring the dream school to the limelight globally. The school will be known globally and accessible to every search engines.


This is a platform that will showcase the beauty of the School. Pictures of events and activities of the school will be shown to our targeted population through GPS and also to our followers which include the parents and will surely attract followers of the parents and thereby preaching the gospel to a particular group of our interest. 


In this social media era, creating a Twitter account for the school will get it noticed. The account will not be restricted; we will make it a public viewing for everyone to see. This account will be used for promotions and public announcements and the like. We will tweet messages, photos of the school events & activities and the school website links. Anything we want the world to know about the school can be tweeted; such as 

Cultural Day 

Open Day 


Christmas party 

Founders` day 


We will ensure that tweets are on regular basis as this creates a lot of impression on people that the school is a high-spirited one with a lot of activities. “No Dull Moments”



We create a facebook account for the school for maximum exposure and establishing contacts with people, parents and alumni of the school. We will also create a “group” on facebook where we encourage users to respond to topics or issues posted. Unlike Twitter, it is easy to aggregate all our posts on facebook site. It is a great place to store photo galleries of alumni events, games and all other exciting, wonderful happenings and news you want the public to be part of. For smooth running of this site, we will subscribe online for you to access the full features. 


This social media site offers us a great opportunity to upload videos. we can upload videos of the school events and activities like Excursions, Sports day, Open day, etc, all for free for public viewing; another great way of showcasing the school. 

A Professional Website 

We need a professionally designed & secured website which allows parents, clients and potential families to interact easily with the school and its staff. Web features like Forms, Blog, Online payment solution, Chat Engine, Admission materials download, Prospectus, etc are all part of a professional website package. If you don’t spend the money to produce a “great website” you are missing the boat, not to mention hundreds of potential parents and additional incomes we can get through online businesses.