Build a profitable personal brand... faster than you thought possible

Let the others keep singing “charge your worth” mantras, while you sharpen your brand message, gain visibility around it, show your results, and MAKE IT CLEAR that you’re worth more than the price.

How people feel about your work determines the value they place on it – which then determines how much they’re willing to pay for it. But guess who can influence how they feel about your work? YOU. You. You.

There are plenty of your ideal clients with money to pay for whatever they see as worth it. But it’s your job to make sure they feel that way.

Forget about sleeping on Instagram, forcing yourself on internet strangers, and sending endless DMs to people who won’t buy. 

You don’t have time for that anymore!

What you really need is to show up in a way that makes you the irresistible, obvious choice – to even the most tone-deaf person.

That way, you’ll help more people and impact lives without talking too much all the time.

You’ll naturally attract (and convert) the right people, and build a profitable business that supports your lifestyle, and gives you freedom to spend time with the people you love.

This, my friend, is how to build a profitable brand and I’ll love nothing more than to make it happen for you.

There’s just something about getting into the space of someone who knows their stuff. Tolu, you know your stuff. And, you are patient. The way you take time to make things clear to me about my brand and how to move things forward is just special.


Relationship Coach & Author, Waiting Gracefully


Position for Profit

This is THE program that helps you articulate your value, package your expertise, & sell with EASE.

You’ll have a complete roadmap to get clear on your message, create+sell a premium offering, and grow a profitable online business.

We combine a powerful curriculum with coaching PLUS thoughtful strategy to give you training, support & implementation all at once. 

This 90-day program is for you if you’re ready to be paid like an expert: position your expertise, attract premium clients, and enjoy consistent profits.



You’ve already decided to show up online, but not sure how to go about it. You need 3 things:

Clarity on how to build your brand, Clear plan for for getting it done, and Continuous guidance for when you get stuck.
SHOWUP Circle was built to give you all 3. 

You’ll get exclusive access to the training, tools, and implementation tasks that you need to build a purposeful and profitable personal brand. PLUS a priceless community of people working towards the same goal. 

This is for you if you need guidance to put yourself out there and share your message with the world. It’s time to confidently communicate your value, and create a bigger impact.

Tolu’s program launched my business! She taught me how to validate my offer, how to sell it without “selling”, and how to attract dream clients.

Within a year, I’ve made 5 figures in side income, helping over 200 young professionals to prepare for the PMP exam and enrolled 50 students from various cities in my program; More than a quarter are now PMP certified.

Tolu’s materials are a breath of fresh air and she helped me stretch! I have done things that would have just been “wishes” or “dreams”. I don’t limit myself anymore, and my mindset has grown. Now I know how to present my work with clarity and price my packages with confidence. I am able to show up, share my knowledge with others and actually be a blessing.

Ogaga Johnson

Productivity Expert and PMP Coach

After this program and strategy session i had with TM, i feel super confident about my brand. I appreciate myself & my work daily especially because of how she encourages me. Her words ring in my ears: “Adeife, you’re the expert,” “You’re good at what you do.” “You know this thing…” and that is a HUGE deal for me.

Looking back, my life and business has improved by 80% in terms of confidence, showing up, being real with myself, appreciating me, self-motivation. I have helped about 100 event professionals so far.

I am perceived as the Digital guru in my industry and that is because of how I have positioned myself.  TM is a blessing to this generation and I’m glad I could finally get into her circle.

Adeife Abiodun-Adeyemi

Digital event planner and CEO, Ife’ctiv Touch

If you’ve been winging it for so long, then you already know that watching another IG live won’t change the fact that you don’t know what you’re doing.

Brand Strategy is not a one-size-fits-all and sometimes you want to speak with a real strategist to guide you through a pressing decision or show you how to think through your brand.

Say no more! Let’s sit together to clarify your message, captivate your audience and make you some money.

No more hiding, no more playing small, and of course, no more struggling!

Best personal investment

Between the zero-fluff content and Tolu’s signature chuckle, I’m not sure what I loved the most. If you want to build a business out of your personal brand, I definitely recommend this program. It’s one of the best personal investments I’ve made recently. 

– Dumebi Oti; Co-founder, Just Moved to Yankee

She shows you "How"

My favorite thing about Tolu’s teaching style is that she breaks down complex ideas till they become really simple and completely achievable. She’s not only able to show you what, she also shows you how.

– Ajoke Emekene; Digital Marketing Consultant

Fun & Dependable

Tolu is a true wordsmith. She knows how to get into your head and give words to whatever you are thinking.

She is fun to work with and very dependable. With her on your side, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

– Gizi Ilondu; Author, The Chronic School Hater

If you must build your brand, at least work with someone whose strategies have worked, and who has structure to give you the thoughtful support you need.

I believe in strategy OVER overwhelm and that belief has helped our clients to clarify their message, confidently raise their prices, and consistently create successful products.

Let’s work together to build & grow your personal brand so that you can stand out online, serve better clients & sell impactful products – with ease.

- Tolu Michaels

Frequently Asked Questions

Good Q!
If you recently started showing up online but are ready to be more intentional about building an audience, and growing your visibility, then SHOWUP Circle is for you.

If you already have a valuable expertise and skill that people can pay for, then you need to get paid like an expert: “Clarify your brand positioning,” “Create an irresistible offer,” “Establish a promotion plan“. In short, sign up for Position for Profit.

While other products are a one-off payment, SHOWUP Circle is a subscription where you’ll get continuous access for as long as you’re a member.

Now if you already needed clarity yesterday and would prefer to speak with me 1:1 as you work toward a specific goal eg. position yourself to launch a successful book or build a community, please purchase a Strategy session with me

Well, YES! Today is a happy day. I have a couple of 1:1 sessions for grabs! This way, please.

Nothing wrong with that! It’s true that I don’t believe in Personal Branding that is not profitable. But profit means different things to all of us. One of my clients built her personal brand so her nonprofit can attract more donors and volunteers. Another uses hers for pro-bono mentorship. You don’t have to write a book or create a course to be successful, but you must start working towards success today. You define what profit means to you, and we’ll work towards it. Choose how we’ll work together here

Very easy! Send us the details through my Speaking page, and we’ll reply to confirm my availability for your event

Nothing else for now beyond what you see on this page. Because I don’t have dozens of offerings, I’m able to focus on wowing my customers, while teaching most of what I know for free. Are you not on my email list?? Ahh! So much juice. Get in here >>

I use and recommend . It’s the most flexible and cost effective CMS available today. It can grow with you as your business grows and you can create literally anything with a WordPress website. Remember, , not They’re not the same.

And.. about building your website yourself, my answer is Yes You Can! (Or Yes We Can in Obama style haha)

In my mini training program “Personal Website that Sells,” I show you how to build your website and tell you exactly what to write on the pages. Get more info.