Winning capacity often makes the difference in the market place between the laggards and the leaders. Generating winning capacity requires a conscious process. It could involve a new product, a superior service model, peculiarly skilled people, a special flavor of the business or a breakthrough.

Global Heir Value Plus solutions


Portfolio & Business Unit Strategy


Possible client scenario:

One or two business unit or divisions of the business are under-performing despite recent investment by the company.  These units are eroding overall corporate returns. Should they be shut down or can their performance be improved? What needs to be done to improve the performance?

Value Plus Solutions:

  1. Compiling independent decision support information
  2. Designing and facilitating performance improvement models
  3. Independent assessment of business unit performance
  4. Redesigning unit structures for enhanced corporate value
  5. Recreation and analysis of business portfolios for value


 Typical client challenges:

  1. Product market share is dwindling
  2. Company is introducing a new product or service
  3. Relatively new business unit or division is struggling
  4. New products are eroding market share
  5. Imports are cheaper or better priced

Global Heir Value Plus solutions:

  1. Redesigning the market space for enhanced share
  2. Crafting appropriate responses to competitive pressure
  3. Analysing and advising on pricing strategies



In Nigeria, very few prosperous family-owned businesses (companies in which a family has a controlling stake) thrive beyond the first generation. Those that do, find it difficult to run professionally while making the family happy. How can such businesses prosper through generations? A business founder that plans for and manages his succession will add lasting value to the business”

These words reflect the heart of Global Heir’s corporate legacy building service. Through this innovative service, we intend to be in the forefront of building lasting corporate legacies in Nigerian enterprise.

Typical client challenges:

  1. Undue retention of sole proprietorship model
  2. Non-transfer of business knowledge
  3. Weak or inadequate formal structures and processes
  4. No succession planning
  5. 100% equity holding by one family or person

Global Heir’s Value Plus solutions

  1. Legacy design and build process
  2. Extracting and generating commitment to build legacy
  3. Designing and implementing roadmaps for long-term existence


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